Meet Dan'Talisha and learn more about her inspirations!


Dan’Talisha Nicole is a native of Savannah, Georgia, but considers Augusta, Georgia to be home. Since her childhood, Dan’Talisha has had a passion for the arts. During her years as a youth, she participated in many performance organizations both at her church and in her local community. Over the years Dan’Talisha Nicole has continued to invest in the development of her craft of singing, dancing, and creative writing.


As a result of her passion for the arts, Dan’Talisha Nicole has dreamed of opening a fine arts studio for youth in her community since she was in high school. Her plan was to go to college to pursue a degree in Business Management so that she could apply those skills to developing her fine arts studio. However, God had other plans. Dan’Talisha Nicole, instead, received a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Social Work (BSW) and a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Thus, leading her to a career in public service.


Dan’Talisha Nicole joined the federal service as a Presidential Management Fellow working for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She has worked at the White House as a Management Director in the Presidential Personnel Office and currently serves as a Management Analyst in the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer at HUD.


The amazing thing is that in addition to her time in the federal service, she has never lost sight of her passion. Dan’Talisha still desires to one day open a fine arts studio. Dan’Talisha Nicole has continuously used her talents to serve others and ultimately to serve God. Over the years, Dan’Talisha Nicole has served as a dedicated praise and worship leader, a praise dance leader, prayer team leader, and more. She started writing songs at a young age and is now taking the necessary steps to share her music with others. Dan’Talisha Nicole is currently working on an album expected to be released in December of 2017 and is proud to announce the release of her new single, “Pull from Victory.”


Dan’Talisha’s motto in life is to be impact-driven. She believes that it is important to leave an impact no matter where life leads. Dan’Talisha is confident that she has added value to this country and to this world through her career in public service. Now, it is time for her to make an impact through her passion for songwriting and her artistry as a singer.



Dan'Talisha Nicole is not just an artist but considers her singing and songwriting as God's work and ministry. Her music is about bringing people closer to God and providing a message of hope, encouragement, realness, and authenticity about life's journeys. Ultimately, she aims to reach everybody (not just the Christian, but any person who can be encouraged by what she has to say and share in her music). As an artist, she provides live performances at churches, weddings, funerals, and other events in Washington D.C., Virginia, or Maryland.  She also provides songwriting services.

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