Hi Steve, As promised, I am including my feedback on the website below. Overall I am pleased with the website. I think you all did an outstanding job bringing my vision together. I received great feedback from my trusted reviewers as well. I do have some revisions and additions I would like to be made. Please see my feedback below. Of course, if you have questions about any of this don't hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail. I'll also send flyers to events I've participated in as I have stated below.


Home Page: • I’d like to see a light purple (lavender) as opposed to the dark purple • I also would like the button to say “Enter” instead of “Explore Website”


Bio: • In the 4th paragraph after the 1st sentence please add the following language: “Dan’Talisha still desires to one day open a fine arts studio.” Navigation Bar: Please add the following tabs/pages


1. Events – this tab will include my calendar of events. It will serve as a way to let my fans know what events I have participated in and will be a part of. I can send you some flyers for events I’ve already been a part of. a. List of events thus far: b. Host: Grace Church 1829 Ministry c. Location: Dumfries, VA d. Event: Open Mic Night e. Date: June 16, 2017 f. Host: Life Ticket Church g. Location: Herndon, VA h. Event: Service in the Park i. Date: June 18, 2017 j. Host: Culture New Norm k. Location: Washington D.C. l. Event: The Social: Open Mic Night m. Date: June 23, 2017 n. Host: Saved in the City o. Location: Washington D.C. p. Event: Summer Nights Open Mic Fundraiser q. Date: July 25, 2017 2. Merchandise – For now you can use “ COMING SOON” or something like that. I will eventually be selling shirts and other products. 3. Join The Team – This can serve as its own tab or it can be added under the “Contact Us” page. Please use this language for “Join The Team.” “Volunteer with Dan’Talisha Nicole’s team to help further her ministry by assisting with social media, marketing and promotion, and event preparation and execution. Submit a resume to….(they need a place to submit) an complete the form below if you are interested. “ Fields to include on form/fields for entry: • Name: • Phone Number: • E-mail Address: • Why would you like to serve on Dan’Talisha Nicole’s team? • Briefly tell us about what skills and character traits you would bring to the team. 4. Music – Add a tab that says music that leads to the song “Pull from Victory.” I know it is included as you scroll down the site, but I want people to be able to find it/purchase it easily. I think having a tab on the navigation bar is helpful for that. 5. Subscribe – Can we include this on the navigation bar or at the bottom of the home page for people to easily access. It can also remain under contact tab. Logo: • Please add the stars/sparkle to all of the logos on each page just as you did on the home page. The letters don’t have to be silver but I would like to see the sparkle consistently as a part of my brand. Book Dan’Talisha Tab: • I’d rather not give people the option to book via an availability calendar as it currently appears. Instead, I’d like them to have to enter information in the fields/a form using these headings: o Name/Organization o Name of Event o Description of Event o Location – include field for entering address o Date – a drop down calendar can be used for this o Type of Service – include drop down that provides these 2 options (Live Performance or Speaking Engagement) o Contact information (includes fields for phone number; e-mail address; and website [optional]) o Artist Fee/Honorarium Budget • Also, please remove the phone consultation box. • Beside the yellow word “Book” use this language: “Dan’Talisha is available to perform or speak at your next function. Enter your request here.” Donation: • Beside the bold word “donate” use this language “Donate to Dan’Talisha Nicole’s ministry to help her impact the world.” – Remove “Dan’Talisha Nicole Ministries” • You can also remove “Dan’Talisha Nicole Ministries” from above my picture on this page • Move the Donate button above the picture and keep the language to the side as is. • Once a person clicks on the donate button is there a way to make the name optional? I don’t want people to feel obligated to identify themselves. • Also, on the PayPal page itself can you change the heading to “Dan’Talisha Nicole’s Ministry” rather than Dan’Talisha Nicole Ministries? Impact Driven Language: • On the last couple sentences please use the language “Washington D.C., Virginia, or Maryland” as opposed the order it is currently in.


Dan'Talisha Nicole is not just an artist but considers her singing and songwriting as God's work and ministry. Her music is about bringing people closer to God and providing a message of hope, encouragement, realness, and authenticity about life's journeys. Ultimately, she aims to reach everybody (not just the Christian, but any person who can be encouraged by what she has to say and share in her music). As an artist, she provides live performances at churches, weddings, funerals, and other events in Washington D.C., Virginia, or Maryland.  She also provides songwriting services.

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